Key Organizational Documents

The existing policies, regulations and plans that allow NEMAF management to guide operations without constant management intervention are:

    1. Statute of Nepal Madhesh Foundation 2007
    2. Institutional Good Governance Policy (IGGP) 2011
    3. Financial Administration Regulation (FAR) 2011
    4. Revised Staff Service Regulation (SSR) 2012
    5. Strategic and Operational Plan (StOP) 2011-2015
    6. Result Based Monitoring & Evaluation Plan (RBME) 2011
    7. Gender Equality Mainstreaming Policy (draft) 2012
    8. Anti-corruption Code of Conduct 2013
    9. Monitoring and Evaluation Regulation 2013
    10. Fund Raising Policy 2013

These institutional are timely reviewed and revised in order to smoothen NEMAF operation incorporating the necessary changes brought/raised/suggested by the Committees and management.

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