Armed Violence in the Tarai



The project aimed to find out the situation of community safety and security of the 20 Terai districts. Apart from these, the program tried to figure out the situations about crime and disputes, security provision, perception towards firearms and armed groups of local community and response to insecurity through a series of Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and in-depth interview. FGDs were conducted in participation of women, youths, business community and civil society. In-depth interviews included the government officials, security and justice professionals, politicians, experts and civil society groups. A final report was published incorporating information and experiences received from the districts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe project was jointly organized by Nepal Madhesh Foundation, Interdisciplinary Analysts, Saferworld and Small Arms Survey where NEMAF conducted its activities in four districts: Bara, Siraha, Kapilvastu and Sunsari. Political upheaval, border crime, lack of cooperation between security personnel, gender violence, discrimination and inequality, emergence of armed groups and among others were the major causes of being the Terai insecure. The project concluded with some recommendations as urgent needs which include end of political transition and culture of impunity, political commitments from leaders, strong monitoring mechanism in border and new mechanism for cross-border cooperation between security personals, separate security plan for Terai, special plan to improve physical infrastructure and social awareness in Terai.

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