मधेश अध्ययन जर्नल [Madhesh Adhyayan Journal]

Madhesh Adhyayan is a semi-annual Nepali language journal and includes research articles, commentaries, reviews and other useful items related with variosu aspects of Madhesh. Mr. Rajendra Maharjan leads editorial team.

M_Adhayayan_2_webThe second issue of journal was published in the mid of 2013. It mostly contains the articles on the issues such as Madheshi identity, Madheshi in politics, inclusion and Madheshi Dalit.

Political economy of internal colonization of Madhesh-Tarai (CK Lal), citizenship (Sitaram Bhattarai), excluded Madhesh (Bhaskar Gautam, politics of representation (Ram Kumar Kamat/Tual Narayan Shah), rise and fall of Madheshi political parties (Dinesh Yadav) are some of the major articles in this journal.




Madhesh_Adhyan_webNEMAF published the first issue of journal in 2012.

It includes the research articles relating to social harmony (CK Lal), state restructuring (Prof. Krishna Hachhethu), attitudes of Nepali media (Sitaram Baral), Dom (Bhola Paswan), Tharu movement (Krishna Sarvahari and Navin Jha) and Madhesh movement (Dipesh Ghimire). The journal also borrows a research article on Inclusiveness of the political parties from the book The Landscape of Madhesh. The article was translated into Nepali by Mohan Mainali.



Note:Books are available at Himal Books, Babar Mahal and NEMAF, Kopundole.