Madhesh Manthan

NEMAF regularly publishes Madhesh Manthans in Nepali language to raise and disseminate the contemporary issues and other long term issues such as inclusion, federalism, state restructuring, development, politics etc of Madhesh/Terai. These publications are the result of the proceedings of a regular dialogue series (Madhesh Manthan) which are organized to discuss and lobby the contemporary issues of Madhesh/Terai among political parties, intellectuals and civil society organizations and to bring them closer to consensus on these issues.

मधेश, सङ्घीयता र हिंसाको बहस[Debate on Madhesh, Federalism and Violence]

MM_VIThis sixth Madhesh Manthan includes the views and remarks of Madheshi political leaders such as Mahantha Thakur, Upendra Yadav, Sharat Singh Bhandari and others. It also contains the views put forwarded by CK Lal along with others intellectuals and the participants from different institutions.

The programme was conducted on the backdrop of the bomb explosion at Ramanand Chowk in Janakpur when the activists associated with Mithila Struggle Committee were organising a sit-in protest demanding the creation of Autonomous Mithila State. Soon after that explosion, the cases of violence were increasing in the region and the issues of autonomy and federalism were on heights. During the programme, the participants and key spokespersons all criticized on the usage of violent methods to disrupt peaceful movement. The cultural diversity of Madhesh and its consolidation, decentralization, local governance were also discussed in the programme.

नयाँ संविधानमा मधेशका सवालहरु[Issues of Madhesh in Upcoming Constitution]

MM_VThis is the fifth Madhesh Manthan and includes the takes and views of political leaders, activists, intellectuals, lawyers and other opinion makers.

The programme was conducted amidst the debate on the reports of thematic committee. There were different take on these reports and different parties held their own views. Under this programme the political leaders who held opposing views and the activists of different communities were given a platform to discuss on the issues of the Madhesh/Terai and others. The key speakers included the leader of Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party – Mahantha Thakur, the leader of Nepali Congress – Bimlendra Nidhi, Janjati activists – Dr. Krishna Bhattachan and Malla K Sundar, and Tharu activist – Surendra Chaudhary. The views of the youth leaders such as Suresh Mandal and Shivram Yadav, Dalit activist – Bhola Paswan, Madheshi activists and lawyers – Dipendra Jha and Surendra Mahato are also included in this publication. Moreover, it compiles the contemporary and relevant articles on the issues of Madhesh/Terai in the newspapers authored by the people from different communities.

मधेश विद्रोहको पाँच वर्ष: उपलब्धि र चुनौती[Five years of Madhesh Uprising: Achievements and Challenges]

MM_IVThis Madhesh Manthan include the proceedings of the dialogue conducted to reflect on the achievements of the Madhesh Uprising so far and challenges encountered and to be encountered in the days to come. Manthan includes the reflection made by the political leaders, activists, intellectuals, lawyers and other opinion makers.

This publication like other publications cover views and remarks of the key speakers and their take on after completing the five years of the Madhesh Uprising. It includes the reflections made by the key speakers Jay Prakash Prasad Gupta (Leader, Madheshi Janadhikar Forum, Republic), Hridayesh Tripathi (Leader, Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party), Ram Rijhan Yadav (Central Committee Member, Unified Communist Party Maoist), Devendra Raj Pandey (Senior Civil Society Member), Prof. Anand Aditya (Political Scientist) and Narayan Wagle (Chief Editor, The Nagarik). Along with the views of other opinion makers and intellectuals from all shphere of life, it compiles the relevant articles written on the Madhesh Uprising from the newspapers and other sources.

समावेशी विधेयक, सेनामा मधेशी र राज्य पुनर्संरचनामा मधेश[Inclusion Bill, Madheshis in Nepal Army and Madhesh in State Restructuring]

Combined_MMThe first three Manthans were combined and reprinted to get this publication. It includes the proceedings of Manthans – Proposed Inclusion Bill and Issues of Madhesh, Inclusion of Madheshis in Nepal Army and State Restructuring and Issues of Madhesh.

The first Manthan covers the issues raised on Inclusion Bill by conflicting groups such as Tharu, Muslim, women, ethnic and other marginalised groups along with the Madheshis. The programme was organized to bring these conflicting groups at one platform, sort out the differences and bring them closer to consensus on the differing issues. The second Manthan comprises the views and remarks of the various opinion makers, retired higher rank army officers, intellectuals, Madheshi journalists and Madheshi political leaders such as Sharat Singh Bhandari, then Defense Minister, who was at the center of this debate. Similarly, the third Manthan includes the views of stakeholders and opinion makers on state restructuring. The key political leaders whose views are included in this Manthan are – Narahari Acharya (Nepali Congress) and Jitendra Dev (Madheshi Janadhikar Forum Democratic). Most importantly, the publication contains the takes of highly acclaimed political analyst CK Lal and Professor of Political Science, Krishna Khanal on state restructuring.


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