Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF) is an independent non-governmental organization, established in September,2007. Its head office is located at Kupandole, Lalitpur and the provincial office is at Janakpur, Nepal.

NEMAF has been working at different levels (Federal, Provincial and Local) with different stakeholders. Its major goal is to be a part of the journey of a socially harmonized and economically developed Madhesh.

NEMAF’s main approach of working is as a bridge between the state and the society to enhance participative & inclusive democracy in Nepal. It has been working with the public, leaders, law makers and government officials at different levels to bridge the gap between state and society.

Our Publications

Madhesh Adhyayan

Madhesh adhyayan(Journals) is a semi academic journal in Nepali language published annually. 


NEMAF conducts perception surveys once in a year and publishes reports on it.

Madhesh Manthan

Madhesh Manthan is a compilation of discussions organized by NEMAF on different contemporary issues.


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Core Strength of NEMAF

NEMAF has been strengthening local governments, empowering marginalized people, organizing discussions and workshops with law makers & policy makers, conducting Madhesh immersion courses for the youth, doing research and survey at the grass-root level and publishing journals, survey reports, the “Madhesh Manthan” series and other books.

NEMAF’s dream is to be a part of the journey of socially harmonized and economically developed Madhesh by producing knowledge, improving public education and empowering marginalized people.

Strengthening Governance

Strengthening Governance

NEMAF empowers people of the marginalized communities at different levels to make them aware of the law making & budget making processes.



NEMAF and Martin Chautari have been jointly organizing monthly Madhesh Discussion Series on contemporary issues since 2018.

Research and Publications

Research and Publications

One of the core objectives of NEMAF is to carry out researches on social, political and economic aspects of Madhesh and Madhesi society.

Lobby and Advocacy

Lobby and Advocacy

Lobby and Advocacy is one of the core activities of the NEMAF based on empirical as well as descriptive research and evidence.