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NEMAF’s main approach of working is like a bridge between the state and the society to enhance the participative & inclusive democracy in Nepal. It has been working with the public, political leaders, law makers and government officials at different levels to bridge the gap between the state and society.

NEMAF has been working at different levels(Federal, Provincial and Local) with different stakeholders. Its major goal is to be a part of the journey of a socially, politically and economically developed Madhesh/Terai.

After the restructuring of Nepal, NEMAF is extensively working in province 2 on provincial & local governance-related issues. Since its central office is located at Kathmandu, NEMAF is very closely working with the federal level lawmakers and policymakers.

At present, NEMAF has one provincial office at Janakpur, but soon, we are planning to expand in province 1 & 5 too.